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Spartan [ Anti Cheat ]

NULLED Spartan [ Anti Cheat ] 363.1

No permission to download
Spartan AntiCheat
Out-Of-The-Box Functionality
Simplified Configuration
Universal Compatibility
Innovative Features
Consistent Updates
Remarkable API
High Accuracy
A premium product with simplicity in mind, made by professionals. Join the Discord Server or try it first-hand via the Minecraft server minecraft.vagdedes.com.

Omnidirectional Targeting
Spartan is not just a combat or a movement anti-cheat. It targets combat, movement, world, player-actions, and even exploits client modules. In simpler words, it is a full solution with no extra needs.
Multi Threaded Processing
A Minecraft server uses just one CPU core. Many of Spartan's processes utilize all your CPU cores to ensure the main thread is kept at low usage, keeping your server at high performance and eliminating the chance of lag or spikes.
Performance Optimizer
Spartan progressively keeps learning and comparing gameplay information to find legitimate players. Once a player is safely found to be legitimate, they are no longer checked by the anti-cheat, hence saving you potential performance and eliminating the chance for false positives.
False Positive Detection
All violations are temporarily saved in the memory and are compared with previous and future ones. Once a comparison meets certain criteria, the anti-cheat adapts and prevents it from negatively affecting a player's gameplay.
Adaptive Protections
Spartan offers TPS and Latency protections, which will force checks and their detections to adapt to certain circumstances, preventing performance overload, but also a huge number of false positives.
Moderation Features
This anti-cheat extends its features to help customers in need of moderation. It offers a magnificent kick & ban system with specific information stored for future identification, chat & command control for blocking actions and setting cooldowns, staff chat for private in-game discussions, and a wave system in case you want to look cool when punishing illegitimate players.
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Supportive Configuration
Spartan is made to be simple, and so is its configuration. Except the plethora of simple files you have access, you can edit the configuration via an inventory menu, get the plugin to diagnose and fix faulty options, and even get in-game recommendations deeply studied by the developer.
Administrator Friendly
Spartan has a variety of inventory menus, a magnificent live notification system with all the information you need to get your head around a situation, it offers conditional commands in case you want to set your own conditions when punishing someone, it allows reports to reach the developer directly just by executing a command, and comes with a debug system to help you better understand a player's gameplay.
ProtocolLib Ready
ProtocolLib is a plugin that allows developers to access deeper information of your server. Unlike other anti-cheats, Spartan doesn't need it to function, but using it will be a definite improvement if used concurrently.
Data Analysis
Spartan utilises logged data to implement checks such as the "X-Ray", and to modify detection limitations to improve overall stability and accuracy.
Spartan Cloud
Spartan Cloud is a server network where data is gathered by all server instances and is then analyzed in order to notify administrators and potentially prevent issues. Customers can even run commands and have all useful information automatically provided to the developer.
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