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StrikePractice 2 – Queues, Sumo, Tournaments, PvP Bots, Best of Rounds, MySQL

NULLED StrikePractice 2 – Queues, Sumo, Tournaments, PvP Bots, Best of Rounds, MySQL 3.0.10

No permission to download
Tested Minecraft Versions: 1.7, 1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11, 1.12, 1.13

Languages Supported: (messages.yml) French, Spanish, Dutch, Finnish, Chinese (partly)

StrikePractice offers you everything you need for a pvp practice server and much more for very affordable price. The plugin suits any server, no matter how many players you have and will make your server stand out. The plugin is highly configurable and has many features.

➡ Duels, Party vs Party, Party Split and Party FFA, Party vs Bots, Party Playbacks
➡ PvP Bot*
➡ Replay your fights*
➡ Create any ladder (build, combo, spleef, bedwars, skywars, horse, parkour, only bow damage, disable hunger and regen for UHC kits)
➡ Arena regeneration. Chests reset too
➡ Multiple rounds! Best of any number of rounds
➡ Premium matches queue and limit rankeds/unrankeds. Get more donations with this feature!*
➡ Customize almost everything
➡ Arena selector
➡ Fully automatic events: 1v1 Tournament, Sumo, Last Man Standing (FFA Event), King of the hill (KOTH) and Juggernaut (1 vs everyone else)
➡ FFA arenas
➡ Post match inventory view. Includes hits, longest combo, potions thrown, potions missed and potion accuracy (View after fight, can be stored in MySQL)
➡ MySQL support: stats, each kit’s elo, fights (ELO changes, inventories, kit, arena etc)
➡ Enderpearl cooldown with placeholder and above hotbar
➡ Kit Editor
➡ Customizable colored name tags
➡ Spectator mode
➡ Automatically generates a kit with armor and inventory based on the name with only 1 command ”/battlekit create <name>” and create more arenas with 1 command ”/arena copypaste”
➡ Customizable spawnitems (any item, any command)
➡ Player tablist* and Scoreboard with many placeholders and PlaceholderAPI support
➡ Open parties and public parties for streamers, staff, Youtubers and VIPs
➡ Sign stats, /stats command, customizable starting elo
➡ Addons! Leaderboards etc.* (links in ”More Information”)
➡ Multilingual. Add any language. Players can change their language with /language. English, French, Dutch and Finnish already supported
➡ Kill Cam: click the message to replay last 30 seconds of the match.
➡ Premade kits, spawnitems, arenas (Worldedit schematics, you can use for free)
➡ Performance friendly*


Video by DiamondRushXD

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Latest updates

  1. 3.0.10

    Fixed errors with my crack.
  2. 3.0.10

    Updated to 3.0.10 !
  3. 3.0.9

    Updated to 3.0.9 ! If this crack is not working for you, contact me in DMs and send me your...