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Auction House (1.7 - 1.12)

NULLED Auction House (1.7 - 1.12) 3.3.5

No permission to download
Be sure to check out the artwork found at CraftillDawn.com for your Minecraft Server!

Auction House
A simple, user friendly, and efficiency GUI based auction house for your server.

Supports Minecraft versions 1.7+
Easy Plug & Play Install!

This plugin will bring a global player shop auction to your server. Players will be able to list their items for sale and users will be able to purchase those items through the GUI securely. The GUI holds utility buttons to view their current listings, retrieve unsold listings so they are not lost, refresh auction pages, and flip through each page with each page holding 45 listings.
- Drag and Drop setup.
- Edit all messages and translations.
- Item blacklist.
- MySQL & SQLite based data storage.
- Built in exploit and duplication protection. Fully tested.
- ALL item data is stored, unlike most other shop systems.
- Fluid easy to understand menu system.
- Purchase confirmation system for secure purchases.
- Ability to make it cost money to place listings.
- Listing expire times. Prevent listings from being up forever.
Pros Of Using Auction House:
- Global and spacious player shop system.
- Simple, fluid, and easy to understand menu system.
- Click action notifications. Removed menu chat notifications.
- The most server efficient player shop system out there.
- Built in protection for exploits, duplication, and extensively tested.
- A great way to implement a global market into your server.
- MySQL based storage.
- Unlike many, stored items maintain lore, NBTTags, attributes, enchants, book text, and everything else!
- Intelligent menu click handling, manage your own inventory while using, mis-clicks are impossible.

Setup & Instructions:
0. Please use Java 8, every developer will thank you greatly.
1. Purchase and download AuctionHouse.jar
2. Place AuctionHouse.jar into your plugins folder.
3. Turn server on.
4. Enjoy!

/ah - Opens the auction house.
/ah sell <price> - Sell the item you're holding for the price you want.
/ah expired - View and manage your expired listings.
/ah listed - View and manage your currently selling items
/ah search <keyword> - Search for specific items in the Auction House.
/ah help - View the auction help menu.
/ah reload - Reload the config.
auction.limit.# - Set a limit to how many items a player can list at once.
auction.admin.expire - Shift right-click to force remove the listing.
auction.noah - Prevent the use of /ah commands.
auction.reload - Allow reloading the config.
Need Help? Something Wrong?
If you ever need help with this plugin, do not understand something, are unhappy with your purchase, or anything else, please do not hesitate to contact me via skype, e-mail.

Skype: filatovc
E-Mail: [email protected]
I really hope you and your community enjoys using my plugin. This plugin only gets better with feedback, so please leave your thoughts and comments.
Leave a review and vote 5 stars if you'd like! If you aren't happy and want to leave a bad review, contact me and tell me why. I'll do what I can to change your mind and get your 5 stars.
You can hook into the AuctionEndEvent, and AuctionStartEvent to use for your development needs. The use of these events should be pretty self explained with simple exploration of its methods.​
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