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Spartan AntiCheat | Advanced Detections | Hack Blocker

NULLED Spartan AntiCheat | Advanced Detections | Hack Blocker Build 206

No permission to download
Native Minecraft Version:
Tested Minecraft Versions:
  • 1.7
  • 1.8
  • 1.9
  • 1.10
  • 1.11
  • 1.12
  • 1.13
Can be found in the Discord server (https://discord.gg/TTrqRkM)
Languages Supported:
Support of every language via the configuration
Donation Link:
The file is smaller in size because of the obfuscation.

Test the plugin on a Minecraft server at spartan.vagdedes.me
Click to receive Support
Click to join the Discord server
Spartan is an anti-cheat solution that aims to prevent every major detectable hack. It is dependency & addition free, requires little to no configuration knowledge and is proven to have the most features and biggest developer API.

Spartan will safely protect your server from the following hacks:

Minigame Maker - 8 EUR
Creating gameplay made easy.

Ultimate Statistics - 2.5 EUR
Efficient, Reliable, and Analytical statistics.

Live Inventories - 1.5 EUR

Opening inventories in a fun way.
Click to expand...

Combat Analysis
- Pre-trained, cross-fight, semi-heavy combat system that collects real-time information and compares them to cached data initially contained inside a YAML file. After 30 seconds, the player is considered legitimate or violated excessively. Please upload combatAnalysis.yml to the plugin's folder and reload it.

Notification System - Use the Verbose to view live violation reports and the Mining to see who's mining excessively suspicious.
Automated Detections - Fully automated checks that will strictly follow the configuration without any apparent issues.
Lightweight/Optimized - Sensitive obfuscation language, caching system, object handling, high quality and recent codes.
Inventory GUI - Access the inventory menus to view information, manage the checks, enable features, and many more.
Punishment System - Ban and kick players, and review their automatically saved punishment at any time.
Fully Configurable - Every message, option, detection, or punishment is controlled and can be fully adjusted.
Chat Protection - Block words, remove commands, and run cooldowns, all by the simple chat protection.
Dependency Free - Taking advantage of events and scheduled threads to prevent the use of dependencies.
Database Support - Save structured logs into your SQL database and review them at any time.
Punishment Waves - Control and punish massive amounts of players in an instant.
Staff Chat - Secretly contact the staff team by starting your message with a certain character. (@)
Dynamic Names - Rename each check to the name you personally prefer.
TPS Protection - Use this effective protection to prevent players from getting annoyed by the checks in sudden TPS drops.
Ping Protection - Use this reliable protection to prevent issues with high latency players. ProtocolLib (1.7: 3.7.0, 1.8+: 4.2.0+)
Conditional Commands - Individually interact with the TPS, player latencies, and many more with a conditional command.
Per World Checks - Configure in which worlds a "certain" check will not run without doubts.
Cross Version Compatibility - Run the plugin in any of the recent Minecraft server versions without doubts.
Configuration Recommendations - Get live in-game recommendations regarding your configuration. (Syn)
Performance Optimizer - Auto-exclude players from being checked to save performance and allow for a more stable environment. (Syn)
Configuration Diagnostics - Run the diagnostics via an inventory-menu, and in seconds, your false positives will be gone.
Historic Events - Find valuable information such as past hackers, notification history, daily progress, suspected players, etc... all from just inventories. (Syn)

If you are having random bypasses, consider disabling the TPS and Teleport protection via the settings.yml configuration before contacting me. These protections may not function well for everyone and should not be used on laggy servers.

Compatibility Information
This plugin is developed to run on Spigot, Bukkit, and Paper-Spigot. Any other server types may work but are not supported.

BungeeCord Additions: (Irresponsible of damage/functionality)

Compatible Plugins:
RunesEnchant(By its Author): http://www.spigotmc.org/resources/19363/
CrazyEnchantments(By its Author): http://www.spigotmc.org/resources/16470/
mcMMO: http://www.spigotmc.org/resources/2445/
CraftBook: http://www.spigotmc.org/resources/2083/
CrackShot: http://dev.bukkit.org/projects/crackshot/
TreeFeller: http://www.spigotmc.org/resources/20385/
MagicSpells: http://dev.bukkit.org/projects/magicspells/
AdvancedAbilities: http://www.spigotmc.org/resources/21983/
NoHitDelay: http://dev.bukkit.org/projects/nohitdelay/
VeinMiner: http://www.spigotmc.org/resources/12038/
ProjectKorra: http://projectkorra.com/resources/1/
KitBattle Advanced: http://www.spigotmc.org/resources/2872/

Incompatible Features: (May work correctly in many cases)
Irregular higher-TPS Minecraft clients.
Plugins that create client-sided blocks. (BlockChange Packets)
Plugins that change combat, movement, build or other vanilla events. (Abilities)
Plugins/Mods that affect block interaction out of a player's line of sight.
Non-vanilla/Unknown Minecraft enchantments.
Item Attributes. (Arbitrary bonuses on armor and weaponry)

Change the punishments, messages, detections, basic settings, block words, remove commands, set cooldowns, and keep logs. You can execute up to 10 commands per violation. Always reload the plugin after any changes.

/spartan menu opens the main gui menu.
/spartan reload/rl reloads spartan's configuration.
/spartan notifications <verbose/mining> toggles the selected notification system.
/spartan notifications toggles the verbose notification system.
/spartan info [player] opens a GUI menu with a player's violations info.
/spartan ping [player] sends a message with a player's ping.
/spartan kick <player> <reason> kicks a player and broadcasts a message.
/spartan toggle <check> toggles a certain check.
/spartan warn <player> <reason> warns a player by sending them a message.
/spartan bypass <player> <check> <seconds> allows a player to bypass a check for a certain amount of time.
/spartan ban <player> <reason> bans a player.
/spartan unban <player> unbans a player.
/spartan ban-info <player> sends ban information about a player.
/spartan ban-list sends a message with all the Spartan banned players.
/spartan wave allows you to interact with the wave punishment system.
/spartan report <player> <reason> reports a player using your name and reason.
/spartan <player> if <condition> equals <result> do <command> executes a conditional command.
/spartan <player> if <condition> contains <result> do <command> executes a conditional command.
/spartan <player> if <number> is-less-than <result> do <command> executes a conditional command.
/spartan <player> if <number> is-greater-than <result> do <command> executes a conditional command.
/spartan debug [player] opens an inventory menu that allows the action debugging of a player.

spartan.admin, spartan.* gives you all permissions.
spartan.reload allows you to use /spartan reload.
spartan.kick allows you to use /spartan kick.
spartan.verbose allows you to use /spartan notifications verbose.
spartan.mining allows you to use /spartan notifications mining.
spartan.bypass allows you to bypass all checks.
spartan.bypass.(check) allows you to bypass a certain check.
spartan.manage allows you to use /spartan menu.
spartan.info allows you to use /spartan info.
spartan.ping allows you to use /spartan ping.
spartan.toggle allows you to use /spartan toggle.
spartan.warn allows you to use /spartan warn.
spartan.kick_message - Sends you a message when someone gets kicked and the broadcast message is disabled.
spartan.chat_protection allows you to bypass blocked words/commands and chat/command cooldown.
spartan.use_bypass allows you to use /spartan bypass.
spartan.ban allows you to use /spartan ban.
spartan.unban allows you to use /spartan unban.
spartan.ban_info allows you to use /spartan ban-info and /spartan ban-list.
spartan.ban_message Sends you a message when someone gets banned and the broadcast message is disabled.
spartan.reconnect allows you to bypass the existing reconnect cooldown.
spartan.staff_chat allows you to use the staff chat.
spartan.use_report allows you to use /spartan report.
spartan.report Notifies you when someone fills a player report.
spartan.condition allows you to use the conditional commands.
spartan.debug allows you to use /spartan debug.

Inventory Menu Screenshots
Main Menu: http://prntscr.com/bzw6f6
Player Info: http://prntscr.com/fnjsqf
Manage Checks: http://prntscr.com/f25tl3
Statistics: http://prntscr.com/fnjseo

Developer API [https://vagdedes.me/spartan/api/SpartanAPI.jar] (Do not load both jars)

Code (Text):

String getVersion() // Returns the plugin's version.
UUID[] getBanList() // Returns an array with the banned uuids.
String getMessage(String path) // Returns a message from a given path.
Boolean getSetting(String path) // Returns a setting from a given path.
Integer getViolationResetTime() // Returs the violation reset time in seconds.
void setVerbose(Player p, Boolean value) // Allows you to toggle a player's verbose system.
Boolean hasVerboseEnabled(Player p) // Returns a boolean depending if a player has a verbose system enabled.
Integer getPing(Player p) // Returns a player's latency in milliseconds.
Double getTps() // Returns the accurate amount of the server's TPS.
Boolean hasPermission(Player p, Permission Permission) // Returns a boolean depending if a player has a permission.
void addPermission(Player p, Permission Permission) // Temporarily adds a Spartan permission to a player via the ram.
Boolean isEnabled(HackType HackType) // Returns a boolean depending if a check is enabled.
Integer getVL(Player p, HackType HackType) // Returns the amount of violations a player has in a check.
Integer getVL(Player p) // Returns the amount of violations a player has.
void setVL(Player p, HackType HackType, Integer amount) // Allows you to change a player's violation in a certain check.
void reloadConfig() // Reloads Spartan's configuration
void enableSilentChecking(HackType HackType) // Makes a check silent.
void disableSilentChecking(HackType HackType) // Makes a check cancellable.
Boolean isSilent(HackType HackType) // Returns a boolean depending if a check is silent.
void enableCheck(HackType HackType) // Enables a check.
void disableCheck(HackType HackType) // Disables a check.
void cancelCheck(Player p, HackType HackType, Integer ticks) // Cancels a check for a certain amount of ticks.
void cancelCheckPerVerbose(Player p, String string, Integer ticks) // Cancels a check's detection depending on the verbose for a certain amount of ticks.
void startCheck(Player p, HackType HackType) // Allows a check to check a certain player if it was previously stopped.
void stopCheck(Player p, HackType HackType) // Stops a check from checking a certain player.
Integer getCPS(Player p) // Returns the amount of clicks-per-second a player has.
void resetVL() // Resets violations from all players.
void resetVL(Player p) // Resets violations from a certain player.
Boolean isBypassing(Player p) // Returns a boolean depending if a player bypasses all checks.
Boolean isBypassing(Player p, HackType HackType) // Returns a boolean depending if a player bypasses a certain check.
Boolean isBanned(UUID uuid) // Returns a boolean depending if a player is banned.
void banPlayer(UUID punished, String reason) // Bans a uuid with a given reason.
void unbanPlayer(UUID uuid) // Unbans a uuid.
String getBanReason(UUID uuid) // Returns a uuid's ban reason.
String getBanPunisher(UUID uuid) // Returns a uuid's ban punisher.
Boolean hasMiningNotificationsEnabled(Player player) // Returns a Boolean depending if a player has mining-notifications enabled.
void setMiningNotifications(Player player, Boolean b) // Allows you to toggle a player's mining-notifications system.
void addToWave(UUID uuid) // Adds a UUID to the punishment wave.
void removeFromWave(UUID uuid) // Removes a UUID from the punishment wave.
Boolean isAddedToTheWave(UUID uuid) // Returns a boolean depending if a uuid is add to the punishment wave.
void runWave() // Executes the punishment wave.
void clearWave() // Clears the punishment wave.
Integer getWaveSize() // Returns the amount of uuids added to the punishment wave.
UUID[] getWaveList() // Returns an array with the uuids added in the wave.
void warnPlayer(Player p, String reason) // Warns a player with a Spartan message.
void reloadPermissionCache(Player p) // Reloads the permission cache of a certain player.
void reloadPermissionCache() // Reloads the global permission cache.
void sendClientSidedBlock(Player p, Location loc, Material m, byte b) // Sends a client-sided block and saves it into the memory for util handling.
void destroyClientSidedBlock(Player p, Location loc) // Resets a block if it exists in the client-sided block memory.
Boolean containsClientSidedBlock(Player p, Location loc) // Returns if a block is contained in the client-sided block memory.
Material getClientSidedBlockMaterial(Player p, Location loc) // Returns the material of a saved client-sided block.
Byte getClientSidedBlockData(Player p, Location loc) // Returns the data in bytes of a saved client-sided block.
void removeClientSidedBlocks(Player p) // Removes and resets all saved client-sided blocks.
void disableVelocityProtection(Player p, Integer ticks) // Disables the velocity protection for the given ticks.
String getConfiguredCheckName(HackType HackType) // Returns the configured name of a check.
void setConfiguredCheckName(HackType HackType, String name) // Sets the configured name of a check.

Code (Text):

public void Event(CheckCancelEvent e) {
Player p = e.getPlayer();
HackType h = e.getHackType();
Boolean b = e.isCancelled();
e.setCancelled(true); // Cancels the cancelation.

Code (Text):

public void Event(CheckToggleEvent e) {
HackType h = e.getHackType();
ToggleAction ta = e.getToggleAction()
Boolean b = e.isCancelled();
e.setCancelled(true); // Cancels the toggle action.

Code (Text):

public void Event(ViolationResetEvent e) {
int time = e.getTime();
Boolean b = e.isCancelled();
ArrayList<HackType> a = e.getIgnoredChecks();
e.setCancelled(true); // Stops the violations from resetting.
e.ignoreCheck(HackType.NormalMovements); // Stops a check's violations from being reset.
e.setIgnoredChecks(new ArrayList<HackType>()) // Stops the violations from multiple checks from being reset.

Code (Text):

public void Event(SpartanReloadEvent e) {
Plugin pl = e.getPlugin();
Boolean b = e.isCancelled();
e.setCancelled(true); // Cancels the reload.

Code (Text):

public void Event(PlayerViolationEvent e) {
Player p = e.getPlayer();
HackType h = e.getHackType();
String m = e.getMessage();
Boolean b = e.isCancelled();
e.setCancelled(true); // Cancels the violation.

Code (Text):

public void Event(MachineLearningEvent e) {
Player p = e.getPlayer();
double default = e.getDefaultPercentage(); // Returns the default legitimacy percentage.
double average = e.getAveragePercentage(); // Returns the average legitimacy percentage.
Boolean combat = e.isCombatRelated(); // Returns a boolean depending if the player is in combat.
Boolean contact = e.isContactRelated() // Returns a boolean depending if the player is starting some combat.

This is not Spartan's MachineLearning check but simply the basis of it. Each developer can individually use these variables differently to create a custom detection. How Spartan generates the percentages and what it does next in the original check will stay as a secret. Feel free to make free or third-platform paid additions with this event.

Code (Text):

public void Event(CheckSilentToggleEvent e) {
HackType h = e.getHackType();
ToggleAction ta = e.getToggleAction()
Boolean b = e.isCancelled();
e.setCancelled(true); // Cancels the silent toggle action.

Code (Text):

public void Event(PlayerViolationCommandEvent e) {
Player p = e.getPlayer();
HackType h = e.getHackType();
String c = e.getCommand();
Boolean b = e.isCancelled();
e.setCancelled(true); // Cancels the command.

Terms of Use
1. You are not permitted to sell, give or redistribute this product.
2. You will not receive a refund without mine or SpigotMC's approval.
3. You are not permitted to use, view or modify any of the plugin's codes.
4. Any additional software related to this product is not going to be protected by these terms.
5. You must always follow the most recent version of these terms regardless of any future changes.
6. I am irresponsible for any damage this product might cause to your services.
7. You are not permitted to abuse or crash the minecraft test-server.
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Probably the next month.
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