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RELEASE SALE |⭐PRO⭐ DeathChest [1.8.8-1.13.2] ~ No more losing items after death !

NULLED RELEASE SALE |⭐PRO⭐ DeathChest [1.8.8-1.13.2] ~ No more losing items after death ! 3.4.5

No permission to download

Check out the Official Review of this plugin !

PRO DeathChest is a plugin which manages players items after their death. This plugin simply spawns a chestwith player's items so players can easily pickup their items and don't have to worry that someone will steal them, or they will be lost.

I am always here for you to help on Discord Support Channel with any kind of problem you have or with any unresolved question about my plugins. Definitely join it to stay updated!

Other Forms of contacting me:
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  • Multi-Version compatibility [1.8.8-1.13.2]
  • Easy and effortless setup
  • Fastlooting !
    • Let players fastloot their items via SHIFT + Click if they have specific permission !
  • Clickable teleport !
    • Let players teleport to their DeathChest only by clicking a message !
  • Compatibility with plugins:
    • NEW WorldGuard (below 7.0.0)
    • Want more compatible plugins ? Let me know that!
  • DeathChest fireworks !
  • Translate and configure everything
  • GUI DeathChest List
  • Teleporting to DeathChests
  • Chest protection
  • Players can have more than one DeathChest
  • Holograms displaying info about DeathChest​
  • Automatic removal of empty chests​
  • Disabled worlds
  • Chest disappearance after configured time
  • Sending player info about his DeathChest location

  • /dc list
    • Shows a GUI with player's active DeathChests
  • /dc reload
    • Reloads all configs
  • deathchestpro.* - Permission for everything in this plugin​
  • NEW deathchestpro.fastloot - Permission that allow players to fast-loot their DeathChests via SHIFT + Click on chest​
  • deathchestpro.list - Permission that allow players to open up GUI with their active DeathChests​
  • deathchestpro.teleport - Permission that allow players to teleport to their DeathChests via GUI / Message click​
  • deathchestpro.chest - Permission that allow players to have a DeathChest(s) after their death​
  • deathchestpro.lock - Permission that automatically lock player's chests after their death​
  • deathchestpro.see - Permission that allow player to see every DeathChest​
  • deathchestpro.reload - Permission that allows to reload the plugin​
  1. Download the DeathChestPro.jar from this site and put it to /plugins folder in your server​
  2. Reload / Restart your server​
  3. (Optional) If you want to show holograms above DeathChest please install HolographicDisplays plugin too​
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  1. 3.4.5

    Updated to 3.4.5 !
  2. 3.4.4

    Updated to 3.4.4 !
  3. 3.4

    Updated to 3.4 !

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gj man .
Another good leak from TheNewLeaker, hope to see this updated to at least 3.3.0 however. The 'store_experience' function from that update could be handy.
I'll update it asap.