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[HQ] Custom NCP Configuration & Fork

CONFIG [HQ] Custom NCP Configuration & Fork 6.2

No permission to download

(Spigot users, you will have to create an account to purchase this configuration!)

Currently the #1 anti-cheat solution on MC-Market with 2,000+ sales!
Since early November 2015, I have been focusing on improving the default configuration and code of NoCheatPlus (NCP) to reduce false positives while maintaining the high accuracy that many server owners seek. I've personally seen my configuration and fork used on a wide variety of gamemodes including Factions, HCF, Prison, Kit-PvP, Survival, Skyblocks, Minigames, across the 2,000+ servers that have purchased it. I still continue to dedicate a large amount of time to constantly focus and improve the fundamentals NCP; hopefully, this shines true after experiencing it yourself or on one of the many test servers!

Blocked Cheats and Notifications:
  • Before sending any notification, NCP makes sure that neither the server nor the player in question is lagging.​
  • Notifications are color-coded from green to red:
    • Green = Very likely cheating​
    • Orange = Definitely cheating​
    • Red = Bluntly cheating​
Spoiler: Blocked Cheats

What makes this anti-cheat solution better than any other anti-cheats?
  • The provided custom fork of NCP resolves countless issues found in the legacy code and adds support for the latest version of Minecraft.​
  • Hit direction is improved dramatically.
    • Combat is much smoother, especially noticeable with the legacy combat system.​
  • Accurate notifications - NCP will send color-coded notifications from green to red based upon the bluntness of a cheater.​
  • All server-side cheats such as FastPlace, SpeedMine, etc are properly blocked based on vanilla gameplay.
    • Several checks including: FastPlace, SpeedMine, Phase, Crits, etc are all improved and made stricter without impacting normal players.​
What makes NCP unique in modern times?
  • NCP is one of the longest standing anti-cheats because it doesn't play "cat & mouse" games like the majority of other anti-cheats for checks.
    • What a player can do is defined by NCP and is enforced to prevent cheating. This results in long term checks that don't need to be constantly updated when cheaters find a loophole.​
  • Server & player latency are checked before notifications are sent - something that the majority of other anti-cheats don't offer.​
  • Several custom checks were added to detect NCP's previous weak point - combat cheats - while continuing to be best in class for movement checks.​
  • Additional customizability options for several checks to adapt to your server's needs.​
What is included:
  • A NoCheatPlus fork for 1.8.x - 1.16.x​
  • An optimized NCP Configuration
  • Additional plugins (CompatNCP for mcMMO/incompadibillity support & NCPDragDown)​
As a rule of thumb: if it worked with the last public release of NCP, then it'll work with this resource. If you overlook this section, then please refer to the FAQ in the instructions. Contacting the conflicting plugin's developer to generate exceptions by hooking to the API when events are fired by is your responsibility.
Incompatibilities primarily include:​
  • Modifications to combat, movement, building, or other vanilla/Spigot events. (Ex. Abilities, Item Attributes, Custom Knockback)
  • Non-vanilla Minecraft enchantments. (Ex. Custom Enchantment Plugins)
Test Servers (1.8 - 1.16.x):
  • NCP-US.SparkedHost.us​
  • NCP-EU.SparkedHost.us
    • /Kick actions are disabled.​
  • FadeCloud.com​
  • Play.MineSuperior.com​
  • Play.VenomMC.net​
  • If you would like your server here, let me know!​
If you require any assistance, please don't hesitate to contact me through a PM through any of the methods below!
Contacting me:
If you require any assistance, please don't hesitate to contact me.
Click to start a conversation - only message me through one site, not both. MC-Market has an auto-reply that may help you even quicker!
Spigot: Messaging - MarkElf
MC-Market: Messaging - MarkElf (Read the auto-reply!)

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