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The creation of HostUHC was inspired by the RedstoneCanarias livestreams creating events and making people having fun actually most of the UHC plugins are developed by unexperienced people in Ultra Hardcore mode, I was a UHC player and I made this plugin exactly to fit all people needs, this is an amazing plugin made by a minecraft lover who started too soon developing and he loved it, as the UHC's I've spent to many hours playing UHC and I think I know better than anyone what is needed in a minecraft UHC plugin. So if you love playing UHC or Hosting UHC events this is your plugin.

∎ I won't tell you that this is the best plugin ever, that's a marketing excuse, just watch the features and get your own conclusions if it is worth or not to buy this plugin, I only wanna tell you that this plugin was made with love and time, for people that want to support my work ;)

∎ Setup Tutorial:
  1. Buy the Spigot plugin
  2. Download the jar file
  3. Put it in your plugins server folder and restart the server
  4. Setup the config.yml settings
  5. Enjoy the plugin ツ!
∎ Important author notes:
  • This plugin is only compatible with Java 8
  • This plugin only works on spigot 1.8.8
  • This plugin depends on WorldEdit and WorldBorder

∎ You can choose your prefered mode, HostUHC or use it as an normal UHC plugin.
∎ Nether population system for UHCRun and normal UHC
∎ UHCRun mode with: crafts, drops, speed, stackable 127 items, nether below the normal world, so much more...
∎ MySQL Stats and normal flat file stats, you can choose :)
∎ Best in-game configurable GUI menu where you can setup all scenarios, pvp start time, border moving time, nether dissapear time, custom inventory, biome mode (UHCRun with tons of minerals or normal), team settings, custom death items, apple rate...
∎ Actually with 26 amazing scenarios and more coming up soon!
∎ Custom presets to save your configurated events and load them with a simple, click!
∎ Chunks preloader, loads chunks before starting game to reduce cpu and memory consume and make the server work perfectly without big tps drops
∎ All messages, titles, actionbars 100% configurable in lang.yml
∎ Hearts displayed in tablist and absorption too.
∎ Reconnection (You can reconnect before PvP gets enabled, this is very useful if you lost the connection in minecraft or because of other reasons)
∎ Custom UHC Team & all & spectators chat
∎ Custom configurable lobby and nether schematics
∎ Tons of more features, check them by yourself....
∎ Your suggestions in Discussion forum may be added : )

∎ Plugin Files:

Description of the Scenarios:
: The tree breaks auto when you break only one block
CutClean: When you kill an animal it will drop you cooked food, and when you are minning it will drop all ores melt
DiamondLess: If you mine diamond ore there's only 20% change of giving one diamond but when you kill a player it will drop diamond and gold ingots.
Vanilla+: When you break a tree leaves there are 100% of chance to give you an apple and when you break gravel too.
HorseLess: Removes all horses in the world and spawning them
FinalHeal: Before pvp gets enabled you will be healed completly
TimeBomb: When you kill a player it will leave a chest will all killed victim inventory that will expode in 30 seconds
PotentialHearts: You will have x2 Hearts
DeathLightning: It will make fall lightning where the player died
Nether: You can allow or block going to nether
TntMining: When you place tnt you will have infinite tnt and when it explodes it wont take explosion damage to player
NoFallDamage: Removes Fall Damage
Fireless: Removes fire damage
FlowerPower: (If you select this when you break a flower there is 50% of chance of droping a random op item [+50 random items])
SuperHeroes: Each player will gain a special ability. The powers are speed 1, strength 1, resistance 2, invisibility, 6 extra hearts, and jump boost 4.
GoldenHeads: Ability to craft a golden apple with an player head instead with an apple.
x3Arrows: When you shoot with your bow, not one, but three arrows get shot out
NoCleanUp: When you kill a player you get 3 seconds of Regeneration III to prevent Clean up.
UHCRunRecipes: Allows you enable the uhc run recipes and drops
SkyHigh: When pvp gets enabled any player below Y-120 (configurable) will begin to take 2 hearts of damage every 30 seconds.
DisableNotchApple: Allows you to disable notch apple crafting.
HappyFarmer: You'll appear with a hoe and seeds, when your seeds had grown when you destroy them it will drop random items (minecraft growing system modified to seeds grow faster)
BackPacks: You'll be able to share items with your team mates if you are on the team mode or save items if you are in the solo mode by clicking the given paper called "BackPack" when game starts.
GoneFishing: First of all you need to add an Fishing Rod with Unbreaking 250 and Luck of the Sea 250 to the CustomInventory and enable custom inventory and GoneFishing. And when you fish something you'll get apart from fish a random op item like: Enchanted book, Armor with protection 5, etc.

How to set CustomFlowerPower dropped items? - This is recommended only for admins:
► 1 - Do /uhc setfpitems
► 2 - Put items in your inventory (Do not equip them to player). Example: Gold armor with sword. Then do /uhc addfpitems
► 3 - Armor and sword will be added as first dropped items
► 4 - Then put another thing in your inventory and do /uhc addfpitems
► 5 When you finish do /uhc registerfpitems
►If you want to remove all saved items do /uhc deletefpitems
[Permission: HostUHC.FlowerPower]

Permissions to save Events:
- HostUHC.saveEvent1
- HostUHC.saveEvent2
- HostUHC.saveEvent3
- HostUHC.saveEvent4
- HostUHC.saveEvent5
- HostUHC.saveEvent6

Permission if you have the first player to join to be the hoster enabled - "HostUHC.hoster"

There is only one permission for all the commands and it’s: HostUHC.open
- /uhc start – Starts the UHC in 60 seconds
- /uhc setname <colorname> – Change the scoreboard name
- /promote <player> - Gives player permission to kick and ban bassically like a moderator
- /demote <player> - Removes player permission to kick and ban
- /gamekick <player> - Kicks player from the game for focus or bad behaviour
- /gameban <player> - Bans player from the game for focus or bad behaviour
- /spec <player> - To spectate players when you are dead
- /enchant <enchantmentname> <level> - When you select the custom inventory option you’ll be able to enchant items with normal or unsafe enchantments, List of enchant names: sharpness, protection, unbreaking, power, infinity, flame, punch, baneofarthropods, depthstrider, efficiency, fireaspect, knockback, fortune, looting, luck, lure, respiration, blastprotection, featherfalling, fireprotection, projectileprotection, thorns & aquaaffinity.
- /rename <&aRenames item in hand with color support>
- /stats - Shows current player stats - No Permission Neded

Why my server is shutting down magically?. It's a multicraft bug all you need to do is: remove the playerdata of every world then it works. If not the only option is changing host (to get one without multicraft).

If you want to report any bug or just contact me to help you to configure the plugin just send me a P.M or Post a message in the discussion forum

Support will be given only to official BUYERS accounts, basically that means that I will only give support to people that bought the plugin if the contact me by PM or Message, I won't give support to people that say: "I'm the developer of that network and the plugin bought it the owner called (for example) Jack.", I repeat support only will be given to the official buyers accounts, hope you understand.

Please note that by buying this plugin you agree to the following terms of use:
① - You are not allowed to redistribute this plugin
② - You may not modify or decompile the resource code, only if you ask for permission.
③ - Only use it for your minecraft server or network
④- No sense reviews won't be answered
⑤ - No refunds or chargebacks
⑥ - The price of this resource may be changed at any time

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