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IMPORTANT LeakMania is back with a new domain !

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Today, our old domain name got terminated on our registrar for ToS violations.
To face of this situation, i bought a new domain (leakmania.co) and i planned to open a new Tor Hidden service to allow our members to access to our site when our domain name is down.
I bought this new domain with the money generated with our Brave Browser referral link.
Want to support us but you've no enough money to gift us ?
Download Brave Browser and use it for 30 days now here:
Brave Browser will allow you to block tracker and ads in all sites you visiting and you'll be able to access to our future Tor Hidden service without Tor Browser.
We really apologies for the inconvenience caused.
LM had a good SEO and that disturbed our competitors.
We will take a revenge about that take down.
We are now back stronger than ever !

United we stand, divided we fall.

~ @Broken_, Webmaster / Security Manager.

News New account upgrades page

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Our new account upgrades page is now available here:
I completely redesigned it but it still in work in progress.

Bests Regards,
~ @Broken_, Webmaster / Security Manager.

IMPORTANT Error with resources, fixed !

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If you had this error when you tried to download some resources:
It's because i recently did some optimizations on our servers and i forgot to reconfigure something.
I fixed it and now it's working fine.
Sorry for the inconvenience and big up to @apatuka for reporting it !

Best Regards,
~ @Broken_, Webmaster / Security Manager.

IMPORTANT The recent downtime.

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As we said on Twitter, we got some problems due to a recent security upgrade.
I used a backup to restore the site (backup date: 2020/03/17 00:50 GMT+1).
Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

~ @Broken_, Webmaster / Security Manager.

News Logout devices from your account at once

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It's now possible to logout all devices from your account at once when you click on the logout button.
To do it, go on Your avatar at the top-right of the page > Preferences > Logout options and select the Logout all devices option.
This new feature will improve the security of your account.
If you want to improve the security of your account again, please enable the 2FA on your account.

~ @Broken_, Webmaster / Security Manager.

News leakmania.co is now our main domain name & new hosting provider

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Hello everybody !
As i said in my last announcement, i redirected all our traffic to our new leakmania.co domain name.
I used a rewrite rule to redirect all our old links to our new domain to prevent any SEO lost.
With this domain, we're protected to any DMCA takedown requests.
Our new DMCA ignored server is hosted in Russia.

Best Regards,
~ @Broken_, Webmaster / Security Manager.

IMPORTANT Maintenance

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A maintenance will be deployed the 2020/03/06 at 10:30 (UTC+1) to switch to another hosting provider.
Maintenance duration: between 1 and 2 hours
I would also take this opportunity to do some little optimizations on the site and redirect all our traffic to our leakmania.co domain name.

Best Regards,
~ @Broken_, Webmaster / Security Manager.

News Multiple Prefixes

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It's not possible to add multiple prefixes in on one resource.
If you have any problems with this new feature, please open a ticket in our support section.

Best Regards,
~ @Broken_, Webmaster / Security Manager.

News We're now on Mastodon !

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Hi everyone !
I just made an account on Mastodon in the La Quadrature du Net instance.
Our profile is:

~ @Broken_, Webmaster / Security Manager.

IMPORTANT A new emergency domain.

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Yesterday i bought a new domain for LeakMania.
This new domain will only be an emergency domain and i bought it on a DMCA ignored hosting provider.
The new domain is: leakmania.co
The main domain is still "leakmania.co" but i'll probably redirect all requests to the "leakmania.co" domain soon.

~ @Broken_, Webmaster / Security Manager.

IMPORTANT I'm cleaning up old posts.

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As you probably seen, i'm cleaning up old post.
If you found a resource which the link is down, please use the report button and i'll remove it ASAP.

~ @Broken_, Webmaster / Security Manager.

News LeakMania brand a new awesome design + Public Discord !

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Hi everyone !
I'm proud to announce the release of our new awesome design !
I hope you will like it.
We also have a public Discord now.
If you want to join it, here's the link:

To join our Verified Only Discord, you need to be Verified member on the site.

~ @Broken_, Webmaster / Security Manager.

News We no longer have any emails limit per hour !

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I just configured our site to send emails from our new SMTP server.
Before we had a limit of 200 emails per hour, now it's unlimited !
Big UP to NodeSavior for providing us this SMTP server.

~ @Broken_, Webmaster / Security Manager.