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IMPORTANT Error with resources, fixed !

If you had this error when you tried to download some resources:
It's because i recently did some optimizations on our servers and i forgot to reconfigure something.
I fixed it and now it's working fine.
Sorry for the inconvenience and big up to @apatuka for reporting it !

Best Regards,
~ @Broken_, Webmaster / Security Manager.


Big thanks to you Broken_ !

You're keep leakmania better and better!
Everyone should know about your good job that you're making!
Everyone loves LeakMania! :love:
Example: *Broken_ found error*
**in 1 minutes** : error fixed :happy:
You are best: Webmaster / Security Manager !

Thanks for reading this!
Have a nice day!
Sincerely, @❤ Neon ❤
Your English couldn't be worse.